About Plant and Polished

Meet Darline | CEO
Who We Are

Harnessing my Midwest Roots

and upbringing with my love for cleaning, gardening and care taking experience led me to create Plant and Polished- with an eye towards creating an eco-friendly experience for gardening, landscaping, cleaning and client care.

As a creative and intuitive mind, clean-focused and client-centered, my desire is to provide an experience rooted in care accentuated by the therapeutic nature of plant and greenery and their natural ability to make you feel alive and centered.

I love visiting a facility and imagining the life that I can bring to it by infusing greenery in key locations as well as eco-friendly aromatherapy to alter the mood and energy by interacting with you. Learning more about you, your facility and your needs to create a gardenscape, landscape or escape that is befitting to you is my approach and a part of our CholorCoordination Infusion Process™.

Our Values
Who We Are

1. Two Services, One Company, ZERO Compromise.

We create an experience completely around your lifestyle and/or desired customer experience by positioning greenery in key locations to promote self-health, peace of mind, and balance.

2. Green is the NEW Clean.

Our business model is focused on providing a cleaning experience (commercial and/or residential) and enhancing our workmanship with client-specific greenery strategically placed to mentally engage yourself, your staff and/or family and clients. Our mantra is Clean Scenery gives life to Green Scenery.

3. Gardenscapes. Landscapes. Escapes.

Our Green Within Experience Process™ is client-focused and green-centered, intentionally promoting a relaxing life experience for you and your guests. Whether a garden, your residence or your business, our focus is promoting your wealth thru a clean and green health encounter.

4. Self-Presentation is Self-Preservation.

We believe that creating an environment that is inviting, welcoming and relaxing is paramount for mental and physical wellness in today’s fast paced society. Our GLE Specialists will fashion a solution centered in nurturing and stimulating your and/or your customers senses, fostering a green and healthy experience.

5. Plants. Polish. Partnerships.

We collaborate with you, the Client, to create a Clean and Green Plan that promotes your vision for your estate. In addition, we partner with other GLE creatives to bring you an experience.